February 1, 2011

i didn't think i asked for their heads on a silver platter...

today was great.
until i thought i'd be proactive and pay a bill...
...which still wasn't even the worst part... a 35$ bill i can handle.
the idiots that run the over-the-phone customer service line, however...

they're a different story.

it's like they deliberately make paying your bill... your teeny tiny 35$ bill... the hardest thing in the universe.
give me a break.

i listened to robot voices tell me which buttons to push, what things to say, when to say them, etc. etc. etc.
then, i called a different number. which led to actual humans, richard and vanessa, who were actually the opposite of help. coming to me live, from new york city.

i think i repeated myself several times, getting angrier and angrier by the minute. {and showing it, i might add. the not-so-occasional flip in my tone grew louder and snottier by the second. in my defense, there's only so much psycho babble you can take after the twentieth minute.}

it's like, richard. vanessa. WHY DO YOU WORK FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

whoever hired that dynamic duo should be fired. pronto. along with dick and nessy.

and just so you know... those morons couldn't understand how to figure out a way for me to pay over the phone... even though it's in their job description... so now i have to send a payment all the way to florida. cool, guys.

again. idiots.

that's all.

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