February 24, 2011

a tag that's not from the FB vortex.

so i just got tagged. by my roommate. brookie brooke. which is good. because i have been totally missing fun fact fridays. and you probably have been too. since i just know you're so interested in all things me. and even though it's a wednesday night, cowboy up and deal with it. fun fact friday: wednesday edition. here we go, kids.

1. south america intimidates me. i would be conquering a large fear by going there.
2. camper? not me. i hate being dirty and stuff...?
3. i love to learn new words.
4. biting nails... although it's a habit that i struggle with myself, when other people do it, it drives me absolutely up the wall.
5. i reeeeally hate wearing dangly earrings, a trait i get from my mother.
6. it wouldn't be hard for me to eat and entire box of chips ahoy cookies in one sitting. in fact, i have done it on several different occasions.
7. the only books i buy can be found under the following categories: classic literature, art history, and travel.
8. when i was six years old, i bit open a glow stick and all of the glow juice came flooding into my mouth. then, my oldest and wisest brother michael tried to shove italian salad dressing down my throat to ease the pain. really?
9. sometimes i'm convinced that i'm having pregnancy cravings and morning sickness. but then i remember that that's impossible...
10. i loathe the movie charly.
11. i'm under the impression that leo decap was only attractive in one movie. that movie was titanic. and attractive is an understatement.
12. i cannot fall asleep without complete darkness. and sometimes that involves forcing a towel into the cracks of my bedroom door.
13. google translator is quickly becoming my funniest companion. {for some reason, i think it's hilarious to make those boys decode sentences that don't make sense.}
14. i buy new face wash about every three weeks. i think it's a sickness.
15. aaand a couple of times a day i have a lethargic missing moment where all i want is to be back in high school {with the friends that are long gone now}, staying out past the curfew that no longer exists, and failing math. i miss that lots and lots.

*ohh! bonus fact! i have a new niece! little taytum heather just couldn't be cuter... can't wait to meet her in two weeks! :)

tag you're it. which is not something i usually say. because it's cliche. but i don't usually rhyme either. so i guess weird things keep happening. probably due to the fact that it's 1:30 a.m.

15 facts about you, now!

1. kelsey g.c.
2. connor martin.
3. marissa miller.
4. court mo kearns.
5. kelsie mc-d.

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