February 3, 2011

"i should have ordered a blue spruce. at least they're lighter."

first of all...rediscovering this today just made me the happiest person ever. miss you, elder daw! congratulations on making it to the two month mark! proud of you, and sending your valentine package soon! :)

second of all.
"while you were sleeping" is currently occupying my television screen, and i am occasionally quoting it. even though i'm by myself in my bedroom. and do you want to know something? it makes me wish that my fake fiance {who is in a coma} could exist just so i could fall in love with his brother. that would be great. plus, i just think bill pullman is the cutest...even though he's my dad's age.

and also, it's thursday. my favorite day.


  1. "Mary mashed 'em"

    "Are you wearin' a black Bra? I love black underwears!"

  2. "at least there's more room in his jockey shorts..."


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