February 21, 2011

and so i went and let you blow my mind.

there is a song that intoxicates you, forcing you into an allusive state that you just can't deny. i know there is. and it may not be this one for you, but yes... this train-blaring, overheard, top 5 on the charts, most downloaded song of 2010 does it to me. i can't listen, and refuse the memory of the first time i heard it. it's just not possible. i have tried many times to kick it out of my head, but at the end of the day i always end up surrendering, and am suddenly unwillingly {yet somehow always willing in the back of my mind} taken back one and a half novembers ago. my hair was in loose curls, and i had dressed myself in a beige sweater and cream pin striped vest; i wore off-white rosebud earrings that night. i can't remember a time that i laughed more. and even if i hate admitting it to myself, {and the w.w.w. for that matter} it is a guilty pleasure of mine--and i am in love with the way it takes me back. :)

{good night.}

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