February 12, 2011

i'll follow behind you on rainbow road.

don't be a player hater. hate the game.
except don't. because it was mario kart.
and it just may be beneficial for you to play this song as you continue.
it will help to fill the hole in your heart where N64 used to be.

r.i.p. classic gaming.
{and the video just cracks me up, too.}


tonight was the night we played everything under the sun,
and ate our weight in hot fudge sundays.

...and although it was maybe the most random and spontaneous night of my life, it will go down in history as one of my favorites.
because this kid is number four of four, peeps.
and when he leaves, i just don't know how i'll entertain myself when i come home for the weekend.

tonight i was stuck on some notes.
i needed help with a little piano project. i just could not find the right chords.
and matthew came to save the day. chicken pot pie in hand--he'd left mid dinner.
mr. matthew deemed my pathetic plea worthy of dropping everything and responding on my doorstep five minutes later, happy as a little clam.

so i'm really going to miss that in six months when i'll have to use my own ear {slowly decaying by the lack of "death by quartet" threats we used to get thrown at us daily...} and not play off of his keen sense of pitch... still fresh from orchestra, plus pure musical genius in his character.

but for now we will play jenga until the sprinklers come on, and try really hard not to think about that one day come summertime.

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