February 6, 2011

groundhog day is a joke. one to fill the void of one laaaame winter.

ohh the things. i can no longer do.

drink soda pop.
stay up past 2 a.m.
eat chicken without being paranoid.
actually, eat any meat without being paranoid.
eat sweets before bed.
lay down right after i eat.
wake up ridiculously late.
eat junk food.
drown myself in candy.
touch anything public and not wash my hands.
take reeeeally long afternoon naps.
have a red face without being positive that a fever is involved.
be around sick people.
breathe sick people air.
be away from my parents for more than two weeks.

alright, winter. it's time you exit now. i'm tired of being cooped up with all of these sick germs floating around. you know i love you.. a lot.. and couldn't wait for you to get here.. but you were a dud this year. and you have overstayed your welcome. come back later when you're ready to be best friends again.

...more of this

less of this...

p.s. spring...
i'll tolerate being alone on lover's holiday for one more year. but i swear... you'd better provide joseph gordon leavitt's equivalent come march.

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