February 11, 2011

the day we spent at the kitchen counter.

this week has been one of champions.

starting with the fact that missy and i made valentines for 8 hours today.
count them, 8.
from the minute i got home from school at 2, until 10:00... making strawberry crepes in between.
we managed to cut through a mountain of construction paper...

...and finished off by delivering them door to door.
valentine's day is just my second favorite holiday.
so we get pretty absorbed by all of the festivities.

the book store was a treat this week.
which it rarely is.
yes, i do go in there on a daily basis and want to purchase everything, but it was never that great until we found these.

the above statement printed is the complete opposite of everything i know.
there is nothing hot about this place. it's a frozen tundra.

and then i just don't get this one at all...

aaaand for your information, i'll be spending my friday morning in these, reading jane austen.

{happy weekend!}

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