June 3, 2011

birthday boy.

meet matt. 
then adore him.
it happens that way, and fast.

he wears skinny ties, and has dreamy grey eyes. 
i'm pretty sure he likes running more than cake, and his smile is simply dashing.
sometimes he'll play the piano for you, and you can sneak attack snap pictures of him.
he's got big plans for the future, ranging from international relations to family law.
if you marry him, {and you should} he'll probably travel the world with you, and dance when he does the dishes.
oh. and this just in: he has chest hair now.
he's wicked smart, and handsome too. 

plus, it's his birthday today.
and i sure do think he's something else.

catch him while you can, ladies. he'll take you places.

happy birthday, mattie! love you forever!


i like words. and you. write me a few?