June 20, 2011

florence + the machine = worst nightmare. the dog days have only begun.

i am babysitting this week.
ruby and rowdy.

we go for walks, we throw each other in the pool, we slobber, we lick each other's faces, and we pounce on gabe, the cat.
he resents me for submitting to the dark side,
but overlooks my sin when i give him cat nip.
so basically, we're a twisted little family.
and i'm loving it. 
especially the fact that i have two adoring fans that love me even after i reject their plea for macaroni salad.
if i were them, i'd revolt.


  1. you should play with my pups while i'm on vaca :) i'm sure they would just love it!!

  2. Totally will! You just say the word.


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