June 8, 2011

wonderful wednesday.

klb bgv bbb,vb,fvmvmgmfvojg,h,hhl,hylh
hv jhgjnmn,mmjjszxcxcvcsdxcfdfcvfv

that was from baby o.

he has such a way with words. plus, he makes me all baby-hungry; i could kiss those chubby cheeks all day long.

it's a fabulous wednesday over here at the kearns'. the tiny humans are outnumbering the regular sized ones, which of course forces me to want a tiny human of my own. tomorrow.
just kidding.
but seriously.

baby o. 
he kind of makes me all swoony.

 william, tay, and ty.
getting their splash on.
 sometimes the rubes models for me. 
good dog, that ruby girl. 

 would you believe that this is only half of the sisters? 
because it is. 

{the title says it all. obviously.}

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