June 23, 2011

the results. goodbye, hussy 1!

1. must we always make cat look twenty feet tall?
2. amazeon. in love with that opener.
3. someone needs to remind kitty that she's not a dancer on the show, only the host.
4. ahh! flashbacks of the cannibal dance!
5. please be in the b3.
6. peace, huss face.
7. i've said it once, i'll say it again... goooo utah girl!
8. LO-FRO! oh my gosh... miss her.
9. somebody bring back kent.
10. ooo... on the gatorade website... score...
11. "gatorade is providing..." translates to "gatorade is paying for this advertisement, so we have to do this long, boring sequence..." in marketing lingo.
12. could jordan's outfit be any trampier?
13. ivick has got to go.
14. nailed it.
15. not a fan of tycee.
16. wow, cat. look a little more unexcited...
17. where are these kids' parents? is this even legal?
18. alright. time to get the five year olds off the stage.
19. kitty's wearing a buddhist smock.
20. the bboy bbelongs on the bboulevard.
21. everyone else on this show > hussy.
22. it seems i am unimpressed with happy feet.
23. oh, what a surprise. iveta. ballroom dancing.
24. uh... that wave was gross.
25. k he is not a human, he's a reptile.
26. if ryan goes home... i will stop watching the show.
27. who are we kidding. no i won't.
28. boxhead? what the...
29. not understanding this lmfao shiz.
30. judges behind the scenes part necessary?
31. ryan. SAFE! hollar.
32. sympathetic looks brought to you by cat deeley.
32. {fun fact: c-lo's real name is larry. hahahahaha.}
33. show me some rodderick love!

34. i believe that the salvation of this show has been saved by debb reyn. three cheers for grandma d.

and that's how i feel about that.

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