June 29, 2011

melko, maitlin, rykki, and jerice. in that order. jordan, go home.

1. again. kitten looks fierce!
2. chenoweth laugh. i'd recognize it from a mile away.
3. kristin chenoweth=eden wood in 35 years. google her.
4. ohhh kay. mr. glasses? you know nothing about anything. go away. 
5. ughhh... tyce.
6. marko is flippin' fantastic.
7. i'm not feeling the first group number. there's something about leather jackets and sunglasses that i can't take seriously.
8. yeah. you tell them, kitty!
9. {i may or may not be switching over to 16 and pregnant during commercial breaks. i don't feel exactly like myself tonight...}
10. i don't get it... is deeley sporting a wig?
11. hahahaha the lion part is killing me.
12. caspary freaks me out kind of. his eyes are too big. and way scary.
13. really? cary brothers. {by the way... just speaking from experience, never go to one of his concerts. you'll probably think about gouging your eyes out. and then you'll do it. because you hate him so much.}
14. well, that hand part was... weird. but... gold star for originality.
15. speak up, kitty cat. you're mumbling.
16. m. squared's voice makes my skin crawl. plus, her hair is looking a little d. trumpy.
17. i swear. glasses thumbs through a thesaurus during each dance to use the biggest words he can find for his speech.
18. ohhh mama cat.
19. i would pay big money to see c. deels play a "little tune".
20. i love maitlin. they're fab.
21. channeling butt dance from the days of mia michaels.
22. wouldn't have chosen alicia keys for the samba... but that's just me. and probably alicia keys. 
23. nooooo cat. that song wasn't by beyonce.
24. you chose her. probably remember her name murph.
25. woah. sorry, i fell asleep. was 3D glasses' comment relevant?
26. chris rock of SYTYCD... that would probably be a compliment if chris rock was an A-lister. i hope mitchell has an immature understanding of the pop culture food  chain.
27. "she's like a little wolverine." i'll just stop there.
28. i love urkel.
29. oh. classy hooker. that's great, tyce.
30. two alliterated adjectives: booooring, baaaad. i blame the oreo.
31. sure do love that april rhodes. but i think she's wrong.
32. i cannot stand mr. little C.
33. hold back those tears, miranda girl.
34. mare. tuck your boob in. you're exposing yourself. and it is disgusting me.
35. NAPPYTABS! two weeks in a row. third number of the season. things couldn't get better.
36. {unless someone brought back wad robson. ugh. missing him.}
37. sometimes melanie and marko make you cry when they dance. and that's just the honest truth.
38. i don't even know what to say, that was so great.
39. it is refreshing when mary murphy says something that makes sense.
40. chaps, we don't have to imagine the nightmare of nigel and mary mentioned in last week's episode. we got a front row seat to that horror flick.
41. enough with the kissing. it wasn't even funny the first time.
42. chris is a combination of tycie and a boy named brennon from my sixth grade class.
43. why is everybody scared of you, sonya? it's probably not the piercings or the mowhawk. it's probably the way you're so conservative and generic.
44. not creepy... just sonya...
45. ...anyone else notice that pause after the "so you think you can partner" comment? boys and girls, that is what we call a bad joke where no one laughs. sorry, galinda. just being honest.
46. here's the weekly plug for zooey d. ...can't wait for autumn t.v. ...
47. "oh, i'm going to go milk my cows."
48. clarice's eyes are amaze.
49. the mess is just such a cutie. i just love him so much.
50. fantasma happens between these two. they are lovely to watch.
51. adding some frankie sin, the mess and eye girl are unstoppable.
52. jess is just so classy. i might have a school girl crush on him.
53. thaaat's a spider web dress.
54. and also, it's see through.
55. plus, a little bit hoochie. 
56. who needs legs? dancers. dancers need legs.
57. enough buck in here.
58. again, nigel share the same brain. except he likes the dress.
59. for everyone's information, jess is already on broadway. just to clear things up for uninformed audiences. so we should probably stop saying that he could work on broadway. he already does, hosers.
60. this dance could be fantastic. for the love, sonya. please pick a good song for once.
61. she did. bless her.
62. that was pretty. it's the only word i can find. hooray for the dual boy names!
63. jord, come on. people must stare are you when you work the streets.
64. uhhh... did that dancing room look like a cultural hall?
66. it's not a party until kid cudi's been featured. obviously.
67. not into this one, nappy t.
68. ...but it's not your fault. it's jordan's. it is always her fault.
67. yeahhhh! get it ON, nappytabs!
68. let's count how many times C repeats himself. right now, we're up to 4 times. in one speech. no wonder he needs a thesaurus.
69. what if tadd was just completely naked under that comforter?
70. i wonder how taddy's wife feels about this dance...
71. ugh.... dee caspary again... sheild your eyes from his. because they'll eat them.
72. "i love poison". well i love jess.
73. this song is probably better fit for woodland creatures rather than multiple murder scenes.

the moral of the story is this:
melanie and marko will take over the entire competition and possibly the world, and no one will be able to stop them.    

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  1. This is so hilarious, yet completely true and honest. And hilarious. And great. Love ya!


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