June 22, 2011

let's journal.

1. first of all, jordan's a hussy.
2. and iveta is probably forty-nine.
3. cute dress, kitty cat. 
4. LOVING that yellow lace, right?!
5. however... did she brush her hair? not sure about that.
6. by gosh, it's kathy seldon! 
7. what i wouldn't give to meet gene and donald.
8. her girly bidness on n.t.v.? low blow, rick.
9. rodderick? that's not even embarrassing... 
10. i was expecting more from that first routine. laaame.
11. they're going to milk this rodderick joke until it has been run dry.
12. nigel and mary together--awful image. 
13. k mostly just mary.
14. seeeriously can't get over that lace. 
15. let's make debb a perma-judge. she makes way more sense than the rest of them. 
16. uhhh did anyone just see that trailer for footloose? it's like falling in love with kevin bacon all over again. and i'm not even a child of the 80's. 
17. highly disappointed with these embarrassing moments. 
18. gooooo utah girl!
19. ADELE?! bril.
20. kind of like this dance. 
21. mitchell is channeling matt doane with that skinny tie/cardi combo.
22. dr. deely sounds like a reliable source. we should make her the dance doctor on call from now on.
23. missy: also a hussy.
24. really? ke$ha... for the chacha... and not to mention. THIS particular song. claaaassy.
25. oh, wadi. i wish your name was real. 
26. this fall will house some of the best nights of my life. because zooey deschanel will be a common weekly reoccurance.
27. as if we needed another reason to think iveta was crazy.
28. ...and we were blessed with two. cheetah pants. 
29. iveta's cool trick: hair extensions that remove ten years from her real age.
30. i'm not sure about nick just yet...
31. prediction: season 8 will be filled with wanna-bollies, and there will be at least one in the t20. mark my words...
32. i want debbie reynolds to be my best friend. and also my grandmother.
33. um... NAPPYTABS?! can't wait! 
34. i like steve urkel, he's one of my faves.
35. stick figure orchestra?! that's freakin' sweet. 
36. clarice=kate midds. 
37. love this song. buying this song. 
38. stace, you've done it again. 
39. cat, grow a few inches, why don't you. 
40. i read nigel's mind sometimes. it's fine. 
41. "claris", kitty cat? no. clarice.
42. hussy, and a fool.
43. david cook, everybody. less successful than his season's runner up. 
44. tadd is marriaged. did anyone else notice that shiny thing on his fingy?
45. our jord is no cyd charisse. let's just make that clear. 
46. mel and marko are my favorite couple. they are fantastic. 
47. ms. mel is missy higgins, dance version.
48. ...p.s. i want a pair of those tuxedo shoes.
49. two napptabs in one night?! best night ever! 
50. uh... bawling. loved that so much! 
51. well hello, tyce diorio lookalike...
52. it's awkward that he's got the hots for her, and she just told the world that she feels weird about him.
53. k..... that dance was awesome. 
54. oh cat-arina. your jokes are always so funny. 
55. please don't try and kiss her baby tycee... she thinks you're gross.
56. took you a while, m-squared. 
57. all in all, nappytabs takes the cake this week. as usual.

ttttthat's all, folks.


  1. so 1) i blog stalk you 2)sytycd is the thing ever 3)this post is also the best thing ever. the end.

  2. haha i am a big fan of blog-stalking, and i do it more often than not. let's be friends. :)


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