July 8, 2013

I don't like nature or bugs.

Tonight, I went and walked on the beach as my friend, Ryan, and I listened to that song on the intro to Dawson's Creek because it seemed fitting. 
It was dark and there were raccoons. Needless to say, we did not stay on the beach long.
And then, while I was doing laundry, I received a few visitors,
which led to simulated water aerobics and faces on the laundry room window...
for like forty-five minutes. It was so awesome.
And if you're wondering, no one can figure out how Carter can get his face that huge. It is a mystery to us all. 

Also, I have entered into an agreement with these two.
If you use the word "mine" you have to do 10 boy pushups. 

I have already done thirty and I'm pretty sure my arms are not going to work tomorrow.

It's good to be back.

P.S. One day, I'm going to stop updating about my stupid life and I'm going to write real stuff again. That day seems far in the distant future, but maybe it'll come sooner. 
I told someone that I don't like nature today, and I felt pretty judged. Lesson learned. Lie about not liking nature if you want friends. And hiking. Tell people you loooove to hike. Even if it's a lie. They seriously eat it that stuff up. But if you don't hike, they start yelling "BURN HER!" Just kidding, that doesn't happen. But I wouldn't be surprised if it did one day. 

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  1. Hiking sucks. Sucks so bad. It's all uphill and dusty and never shaded and who cares about hiking. Right there with you.

    I've also come to a point where I feel like I'm just updating rather than writing. It's driving me crazy.


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