July 12, 2013

Things about stuff.

I went to Downtown Santa Barbara today to find the police station that they film Psych at. Turns out, cute little Devin led us all astray. That particular courthouse doesn't exist. At least not in Santa B.

Lucky for him, I'm adventurous and wanted to explore. So, we found the most beautiful courthouse in the center of town and danced around it for a while. I talked about Spanish influence in the artwork throughout the building while he pretended to be intrigued.

And then Fergie & I did some sound checks and got insanely microphone happy. Also, her name is legitimately Fergie and she looks like Kim Kardashian.

I'm leaving SB tomorrow & stuff. And guess what! I have approximately 12 hours on the ground in the SLC! My friend, Ryan, is coming to have a Kearns Family Slumber Party and then we are leaving for Denver the next morning. Another session. I don't know what's keeping me going.

Oh, wait. Yeah I do.
Raise the roof.

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  1. looks like so much fun! I just found your darling blog & I love it.


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