July 30, 2013

Unfriendly Black Hotties.

Apparently, the humans of the world think I'm standoffish (#isthatonewordortwo) and kind of a biotch before they get to know me. I have heard that more times in my life than I can count on two hands. I know this sounds so incredibly douchey, but I always make better and faster friends with boys than I do with girls. I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with a flirt factor and everything to do with the fact that boys are funnier and more inappropriate than girls are. Also, they laugh at my jokes and that automatically molds a person's friendship. Anyway. Here is a picture of me & two people who told me I was the nicest mean girl they have ever known. They're like the best Ryan Chollet substitutes who ever existed. (DYINGWITHOUTYOURY)

P.S. Have I already told you that I love my job? I think I was doing EFY wrong last year. This summer has been the most amazing of my life. Okay, CARRY ON!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like we're oddly similar people. I am the same way with making friends! So it's been weird since I got married ha ha... Also, my second summer of EFY was by far the greatest. Soak it in!


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