March 25, 2011

"all my parts are vital."

friday mornings are serious business around here,
and there are a few things that need to be addressed.

when you have the world's most sensitive stomach, and when you wake up with fake morning sickness that makes your insides want to resign from the rest of your body...

well. that's when you think you're pregnant.

but except, i'm obviously not.
but sometimes i think i am still...
i think when i really am prego, with reeeal morning sickness, i will welcome it with open arms, like a dear old friend.
my anxious stomach is making me tougher, that's for sure.

other than all of this bod talk...

i watched this yesterday.
and got my cry in for the week.
i always cry at the end of the ireland letter when he puts his head on her shoulder.
i lose it. serious.
they're my favorite movie couple. in case you ever need to know.
and sometimes i pretend that i'm holly kennedy, and that i live her life.
except just in the ireland parts...
because remember how i'm obsessed with that place?
and remember how this is lovely? and i'm obsessed with it too? and just them, period?
okay good. i'm glad we're all remembering.


grey's anatomy last night? *spoiler alert... do not continue to read if it's still fresh on your tivo...

arizona robbins. could she be any bigger of a baby?!
it's all i could think about.
suck it up, pedes doc.
and just when things get better, and she's not being a little girl anymore... really you can't keep your eyes on the road?! what is that about?!
if that baby dies... and if callie dies... ohhh my gosh.
first o'malley's accident, then izzy got weird and left, and now callie-used-to-be-o'malley is all torn up...
this show can't afford to lose another one of its best characters. even though i'll watch it until it dies no matter what...

and also, i would like to say that i think avery and little grey are fabulous together... but it won't last. because lexie and sloan are just m.t.b. {meant to be. remember it.} ...he loves her wayyy too much.

lastly, how glad am i that someone can dish karev's crap right back to him? can you say, finally?!

...can't wait until next week.

{haaaappy weekend loyal followers!}

...p.s. i looooooove you!


  1. Loving the Greys Anatomy talk.
    totally agree with all that was said.
    I definitely have a beef with Arizona now.. and could that car accident be anymore predictable?!?! no. it couldn't. which made it all the more painful to watch.
    missing you.

  2. When you say loyal follower you should just say Kelsey. Cause I am your loyal follower. Including like 12 other people but whatever. Love you literary friendzie. Miss your face and your rhetoric.


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