March 27, 2011

you say you like caaandy...

since i'm super neat, and wayyy into posting videos lately... this girl's voice. kiiiind of my obsession right now. newborn cd... 4 days old. if your music taste is up to par... or even good at all... you're downloading it from itunes. yesterday. her lyrics glow of candor, and if i were spilling my honesty, {or my soul for that matter...} i would tell you that i think she might have written every thought i have ever had. {minus that stuff about the 7th grade. i kind of hate that part a lot.} and by the way, her voice is absolutely un-corrupted--if that's even a real word. listen and love, people. mind you, i said listen. that music video is laaaame to say the least.

laura j. is our girl. and we told her we'd be at every concert in the slc... big fans. and did i mention duel citizenship in the u.s., and the netherlands? because she has it. could she get cooler?


  1. I heard her cover of "Use Somebody" in a boutique in Canton last month and I thought to myself...Court would love this and then I checked your blog today. Obviously you are already obsessed. ;0) Miss you

  2. yeah! :) love love looooove the laur! you know me all too well.


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