March 12, 2011

chinese food makes me sick.

to whom it may concern,
to that one person that thinks my germophobia is cute,
to you, h.t.b. ...

-i will not buy one single girly mag ever again, if you promise me that you will never wear black tennis shoes.
-i beg of you... don't become one of those body builder dads. you know the type. spandex tight shirts, socks that run half-way up the calf. i know you know them. the ones that refuse to eat cinnabons at the airport because they're concerned about the calorie count. just. please. don't put me through it. or our children for that matter...
-i don't mind cooking dinner every night. i also don't promise to be good at it.
-i want to be a minivan mom. if it's not too much to ask...
-i order lemon chicken at fancy restaurants. every time.
-zip up jackets with hoods are my weakness. i'll probably get you one every birthday. just a warning.
-what normal people call jeans, i call levis. i don't know why.

that girl that thinks you're pretty cool.

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