March 21, 2011

sieze the day, broom hilda.

i need to be doing laundry right now.
...but i'm not.

aaaaand i'm itching to get back to logan!
seriously. i love that little town more than i could ever explain to you. and for reasons unknown.

also, i love vampire diaries. it is my newest obsession. and i bought the first season. and am watching it through for the second time as we speak. kenz, miss, and i catch ourselves playing a new game that we halfway made up. it's called, what if: vamp dies edition. it's where we say things like...

"would you rather have your legs nailed to a chair like harper, or be injected with vervain like stefan?"

and then it results in explanations, reasoning behind such choices. i fear that we have become trekkies. vampire style.

the salvatore brothers and i, well. we're kind of best friends now... and i hope that it progresses into a complicated love triangle one day. not to mention, i was jb obsessed again today. we're also best friends. too much pop culture for one day? never. {say never. taha...}

for the first time in a long time, i'm ready for monday. i'm going to the art museum for an introduction on historical preservation of art... and am too excited to sleep! can you say, nerd?

the worst part of my weekend?

this kid was no where to be seen.
m.i.a. from my weekend... which is absurdly abnormal.
this goes out to my good friend, doireann doane: i hope your pizza and laser tagging was fantastic. if i had to lose the battle to someone, i'm glad it was you. you're a worthy opponent.
but still... i missed you, mattie! next weekend?

{happy sabbath... and happy monday morning!}


  1. Bahahaha what is this picture from?

  2. at haley's house when we were momentarily obsessed with photobooth! haha remember that night? soooo funny...


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