March 3, 2011

open my eyes, i see sky.

maybe last night was the absolute best night of my life.

disclaimer: this is a long one. and it's all things joshua.

we arrived at in the venue around 4:30 to be happily surprised that we were the first ones in line! just me and little miss. taking the trek down to the slc, blasting j-rad's folksy music allll the while.

we parked conveniently across the street, and sat against that old wall, the one that we've sat against so many times before, and waited for two hours. crazy things happened... involving old homeless women with lime green fake fingernails, locked bus station doors, and scary gang bangers huddled outside of said bus station. let's just say i kept my distance from those peeps.

we made friends with the two girls behind us in line, even though one of them claimed to know everything there was to know about concerts. we were able to see past her obnoxiousness, and ditch our original plan of being friendless.

getting in was fast, easy, and pain free. thanks to missy. who is absurdly assertive. bless her. otherwise, we would have never gotten to stand front and center. i'm sorry. maybe you didn't understand me.
i was front and center at a joshua radin concert.

so now let's get to the goods.

laura jansen opened. and let me just say. her voice is one of angels. if heaven has a choir, she will be leading it. also. quite wonderful in person. just a sweet heart. her first album, bells, debuts on itunes march 22. and i think everyone should buy it.

...and then cary brothers was up. let's not talk about him. because he's not very good. even the second time you see him.

the big moment happened around eight.

joshua, joshua, joshua. you are just so lovely.
he came out of the curtains. in. suspenders.
i know.
not to mention the cardigan and the hat that he sported oh so classily.
he began strumming on his guitar, the room began to be silent, and he could have had me right there.
his pretty voice filled the room, and i was in a trance.
i just love him!
since we were... you know... DEAD CENTER, in the middle of his singing, he would look down at us.
why yes, he did look at me with his puppy dog eyes and hit me with that cutest smile ever, as he sang {to me. only me.} no envy, no fear. he also sang my song. which i would have cried had he not. plus, he has the longest eyelashes ever. it's fine.

long story short--i wore a scarlet expression on my face the entire night.

ohhh aaaand...
we had magic bracelets. that allowed us to become best friends with him.
as much as i'd like to tell you that he just thought we were pretty so he invited us backstage, i can't.
we bought t-shirts. bracelets included.
after the show, we waited in a little line with the other privileged few.
my legs were shaking.
i came up with a list of things in my head that i'd say to him.
...all of which i forgot about when he looked at me and motioned for me to come forward.
he shook my hand, asked my name, said it was nice to meet me, and signed my ticket.
then, he put his arm around me, we snapped a photo, and he asked me to come back to his next salt lake concert.

oh joshua. that. will not be a problem. i will be there.

needless to say, we are the newest celebrity couple. and also, i am in love.

in other news,
i'm on spring break as of today! and i'll be spending the week in sunny california, indulging in all of my guilty pleasures: hollywood, disneyland, sea world, and the beach. i'm kardashian bound ya'll... later suckas!

{happy early weekend!}

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