March 23, 2011

don't you know.

first of all, listen to this song. it reminded me of this post. as it should.
...ignore the default pictures of nature. 1 out of 10 for originality... seriously.

this one goes out to all of you elder d. fans...

elder stewart, hatch {his companion}, d., and elder wienkler. great hats.

armless aust.

this is my sad attempt to blog it out in honor of the elder. or, as he commonly refers to himself, signing his emails... "elder a-town daw". what the, right?

i promised him back in july that i would keep a mission blog for him, but then i forgot... slash, a bunch of things happened. in short, lots of complications. so he's just going to have to deal with being a permanent topic of this b-log.

elder a-town fun facts:

-russia has been privileged to hang out with elder daw for just over a month now! twenty more to spend! {...that means 1/6th of the way through. my how time seems to fly when you convert it into a fraction. you can quote me on that... ;)}
-he isn't the biggest fan of tea, but is served it wherever he goes.
-buses are the way to ride... and he hates it.
-spring has reached vladivostok!
-his email titles make me laugh... "of trees and green things"...i don't know where he comes up with any of it, but i look forward to seeing the caption pop up in my inbox every sunday night.
-he is always a half a day ahead of us here in the states. it blows my mind... middle of the night on thursday, {2 a.m.} march the 24th where he is... and now your mind is blown.
-the russian is coming along just beautifully.
-he is in love with the people! :)

more to come in the near future.

as for elder monson...

carter disembarks at 3:30 in the a.m. on monday morning. {can you even call that morning?} this little missionary is quite ready to leave the m.t.c., he has made that clear. no pictures of carty cart...

except for this little gem. i couldn't resist putting it up.
this was a daybreak day. daybreak made the best summer nights.
and i am just itching for summer. hence, this picture.

he said mission pictures coming soon. and let me tell you... they'd better be. because i just sent a giant st. patrick's day package full of fruit snacks and jelly beans upon request. and if i don't get some of those promised pictures, he's in big trouble.

so there you go. the two best elders are being brave, and doing a fantastic job at serving the Lord. their letters are inspiring, comforting, and funny. my favorite boys are still everything wonderful, and i miss them like crazy.

{happy wednesday! friday coming soon...}

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  1. :) This is Great! :) Love ya! Hang in there! We can do it!


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