March 9, 2011

i thought i'd see a c-leb.

two and a half days at disneyland and california adventure...
and now, i am just exhausted.

today was our third and final day in the land of disney, but we cut it short due to pounding headaches, heat stroke, and a realization that we had ridden every ride, looked in every shop, met every character, and eaten all of the ice cream, popcorn, and pineapple whip that our stomachs would fit. and we'd done all of it well over a thousand times.

earlier this week, amy, becca, and i toured hollywood and spent the lovliest day in laguna beach. we got pedicures, shopped at h&m, ate pink berry, payed $12 to see beastly, (i would not recommend it. to anyone. even at a regular price.) and strolled along the santa monica pier.

it has been a lovely week, and i'm enjoying spring breezy and the living easy. i never want to go back to school. not ever. but mostly because i just already feel like summer vacation is here... something i assume will go away come sunday night when i return to three feet of snow in little cache valley.

but i'm not thinking about that right now.

i'm choosing to focus my attention on the fact that i'm ditching l.a. for the day tomorrow and heading south to go to this place....

peace, ya'll.

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