March 31, 2011

thursday is for happy people.

it is one happy day around here.

the weather is a whopping 56 degrees in logan. the sun is shining, i'm watching p.s. i love you for the second time this week, and i slept like a rock last night. {maybe i took a sleeping pill.} everything about thursday is pretty, wouldn't you agree?

i hope the following items of biz make you as happy as they made me!

i got some pictures in the mail from elder monson, who left for mexico on monday morning! i just know that he's adjusting like a champ. because he's carter, and he is really good at doing hard things like that.

want to see some pictures?

the happy little district. and carter slash his pacman shirt on the right.

i got this picture in the mail separate from all of the others... with no letter, nothing. this picture. all by itself, in a lonely little envelope. nothing but a caption reading the word, "ew". so i guess this means he would hate me if i put it up on the interweb... lets just keep this between you and me, okay?

and then we also got this one.
our favorite little kaden.
also known as baby carter.
and if that face doesn't make you happy, you don't have a soul.

{have the happiest of all thursdays. with a week like this, i deserve a wonderful thursday. and you do too!}


  1. WAIT! Where is Carter in that first picture!? Cause the blond in the white shirt is my cousin Jacob! And he's in peru?

  2. hahahahaha... elder... hatch? carter is the one on the very far right. they're totally friends.


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