March 30, 2011


this goes out to you, one day pal.

i'm reeeally good at cleaning. i pride myself in knowing that i am my mother's daughter when it comes to scrubbing, washing, and sudsing a kitchen counter. and also, i have a short temper, but you'd never know. it's a secret that i keep hidden very well; i keep it quiet. i just think it's only fair to tell you that i think some pretty sassy thoughts in my head whenever my temper elastic has snapped. speaking of sassy, i'm probably the definition. sorry in advance.


not a fan of loud people, big crowds, or chips and salsa. but if you asked me to be, i'd try really hard. except the last one. that's a deal-breaker. my two favorite movies end with sad protagonists, and raspberry sherbet with gummy bears is a weakness of mine. i spend my free time on the basement floor of the library, reading artist biographies, studying art books that i won't be tested on. and one day, i plan on being a big time gardener.

love love love,
the stranger that's already yours.

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