September 8, 2011

hey, i'm just looking for a good time.

it's my anniversary today. 
of what, you might ask?
well, my wedding. 
i've always wanted an autumn wedding on this, the seventh day of september.
if you judge me, i'll kill you.

here's what i have to say to you lovelies tonight: 

country swing dancing. 
you're not allowed to only go once.
i promise you, it's not fun the first time.
go, get a feel for the sweat that will drip down your spine.
become acquainted with boys who are too old for you, the ones wearing white stetsons and hail from honeyville, utah... wherever that is.
they make for the very best dance partners, or so you'll come to realize...
you'll attach a disclaimer to your forehead reading,
but your new friends will take your hand anyway, move too fast, dip you too far, and you'll have a grand old time.
you'll discourage entertaining the thought of this country charade for a while,
try to convince yourself that you're above it all. 
but guess what. 
you're not.
because even if it is a school night,
even if you think you've got better plans, 

it sure beats homework.

and much as it confuses me,
i've never been one to refuse a country boy in plaid.
the very thought weakens me to the core.

title love/my favorite of the night, here.
p.s. is charles kelley not the most handsome man alive?


  1. I find this telling me that my papers were not important... I is kind i is smart my papers is important!

  2. Girl get yourself a country boy!!!!


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