September 10, 2011

just as peachy as i remember.

one of the many perks of living in cache county:
being a twenty five minute drive from brigham city. 

as a little girl, i remember driving to brigham in celebration of autumn's beginning with peach days.
this year, my sweet parents drove up to meet me.
it was so wonderful to get to spend some time with them!

we bought lots of fresh produce from paul's roadside stand, and later, my cute dad treated us to some good old fashioned maddox.
best beef this side of salt lake.
and the peaches... don't even get me started on the peaches. they're always so divine. 
this year undoubtedly left me without disappointment.

to finish off the night, 
i declined my school's invitation to attend the first football game of the season...
and instead am staying the night in with jane eyre, and a bowl of peaches and cream.
me, pass that up for a football game? not a chance.
one of these days, i've got to find me some school spirit...

[happy saturday.
and happy peach days too!]

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  1. Ohh we are sisters. Good to see your enjoying Jane Eyre as much as I did. The DVD is on sell at Best Buy for $10 and the deleted scenes are awesome. I'm sad I missed Peach Days... it's my favorite time of year :( see ya in a couple weeks!


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