September 16, 2011

i seem to have misplaced my big girl pants, as it were.

i'd like to give my fallopian tubes a piece of my mind. 
because they've given me a run for my money this morning. 
it's really fun when you get halfway to class, and your ovaries decide to go nuclear on the rest of your insides, forcing you to turn around.
remember how i hated on aristotle the other day? this is why. 
so for that, i have decided against class.
and am choosing to spend my time with cuzzy watching the vamp dies season 2. on dvd. hollar.
take that, 'stotle.

[and p.s. ... did we LOOOVE season 3 premier last night?? 
the stefan/elana sequence nearly broke my heart. 
and since when are matt and jeremy gilbert stoner buds? what was that about?]

making the trek home through sardine canyon this afternoon for some good old fashioned fallish fun. 
september is the month that i wait the entire year for. 
cousin night at the state fair, ya'll! 
the only thing missing this time will be jacob, courtney, and those bangs.
ohhh how i mourn for the loss of all three.
and i get to see my dear sweet mother for more than twenty minutes!
which i am ecstatic about!

[have a great weekend.]

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  1. glad to see we're missed :) have fun... do some extra creepin for me.


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