September 6, 2011

i'd like to know his name.

he smells like books, but only the good ones.

i imagine he turns in his homework on time, and is rarely late for class.
under only the most extenuating circumstances would it be acceptable.
[i.e. he got caught up reading thoureau. he's dedicated.]
his blue plaid shirt tells me everything i need to know. and i bet he's witty.
he doesn't wear toms, and the idea of high top socks and a new age woodland t-shirt pains him.
clean shaven, and almond eyes.
probably pulls this on important days. and regular ones.

tuesdays and thursdays he smiles at me as we cross the quad.
and once, he came to my table to donate blood.
he's adorable.

i think i'm in love with him.


  1. haha this is cute. maybe you should "bump" into him on the quad so you can actually talk! by the way I love the link... I was super confused when I first clicked it. Your brother is a good guy :)

  2. I just love this... girl just say hi to him the next time. Lest we not forget the boy from France who came and sat next to me and we went on a couple dates... can't remember his name for the life of me but it was FUN... plus you are smokin'. Get him girl. Ya never know!


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