September 23, 2011

on being grown up...

me too. sometimes i remember that he's hilarious, witty, and probably the most ethical human being alive. 
and then one of two things happen. and sometimes both. simultaneously:
i either hate myself for not being more like him, or i want to adopt him.
and since i and am without child, and seldom enraged,
clearly i have accepted his perfection, and we're the best of bests.

anyway, lest we not drift off topic...

not only are we a smashing good time [as shown in the above photograph], but we both have sisters living in texas,
twenty minutes from each other;
we have a secret plan to make them besties. 
along with their sets of children. 
it's brilliant, all of it.
next weekend we get to rendezvous in the lonestar state together.
[that is, if standby is feeling generous...]
we're already planning a lunch date.
and we're adults now. because we state hop. just for lunch dates. 
okay. no, not just for those. 
it's "special friends day" at the kids' school.
and my julie-sister invited me out.
which i could not pass up.
and helloooo... it's freakin sweet when you graduate from "aunt courtney" to "special friend". 
clearly, i'm important now. 
it must be this whole college thing. there i go, being all "adult" again... ;)
["rory, you're clearly not an adult. because real adults don't refer to themselves as such. and if they did, they would pronounce themselves as 'awwww-dults.'"...any lorelai gilmore fans out there? shame on you.]

okay. i'm getting a bit lengthy.
next weekend will be full of rose children, a julie-sister, a tag puppy, a matthew david, and a braum's burger... if i'm lucky. [julie-sister, pppplease?]  

ttyl, cuties.
did i really just type that acronym? sorry. that was soooo not an adult move.

speaking of being grown up, andy samberg is my favorite adult.
i like to think that if we were in the same social class, he'd think i was cool. 
my birthday is in three months,
and if you could score me just five minutes with him, i would be the happiest butterfly.

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  1. Oui mademoiselle! Braums it is...and an H&M treat! Cuz you are coming to see my babies! Can't Wait!


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