September 14, 2011

really, it is.

school is fun. 
school is fun. 
school is fun. 

maybe if i repeat it enough, my heart will echo the same reverberation. 
...then again, maybe not. 

i know we all want it to be fun. but we also want to think that aristotle was god's gift to the western world. 
when in fact, he thought of women as an inferiority to the male species. 
with bad parts. well. inferior parts. 
that contributed little to the human reproductive system...

i am learning so much up here, mom.

so i guess this means that i have recently become an aristotle-hater. 
it's cool, off with my head if you must.
i'm practically an embarrassment to my own culture, i get it. 
what i lack in philosophy and the scientific revolution, i make up for in my knowledge of the renaissance and stamps in my passport. 
and that's all that matters, right?
that i try. 

i'm trying, mom. 

if you're name is haley potter, and you look like this: 

i'm probably missing you the most today, bestie.

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