September 12, 2011

je suis pas mal.

the better half of my day involved this:
the art history section is located in the basement of merril-cazier library,
right next to the special collections office. 
i have become rather close to this area over the past year. 
it is a glorious place.
i highly recommend it.

however. the part of my day that wasn't so fun?
getting my A kicked into shape by crossfit.
cuzzy and i thought it would be a good idea.
but considering the fact that we are both lying in our beds, broken with ibuprofen shoved down our throats at only 10:15...
i'd like to revert my previous sentiments on the matter.
last time i did crossfit, i was knocked flat for a solid two weeks.
the hill up 7th north to school tomorrow will not be my friend. i can tell you that much.


p.s. did i mention that i sit in a classroom for an hour each day and try to speak french?
did i mention that it, too, mercilessly kicks my butt?

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  1. sigh...i love those rows of books. i'm a literature major. cross fit eeek!! well that jamba makes it all worth it right?! ha. :)


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