September 26, 2011

i am educated, and i am a grammar snob. join my ranks, i beg of you.

what happens when your relationship with words is healthy, well developed, and on the verge of love? who are we kidding? our love runs deep.

i'm not sure i can go to bat for people who use "me" when they should use "i". and vice-versa.
i cannot render my sympathy to those who toss around semi-colons carelessly, as if to purposefully insult the art of piecing together two delicate sentences.
we are not cavemen, therefore, it is unacceptable to tack an apostrophe onto the letter "s" just because it's there.
"to", "too", and "two" are completely different words, and it pains me to think that we live in a world where the majority of english speakers use all three interchangeably.
"there", "their", and "they're": see "to", "too", and "two".
"your", "you're": are you getting the point, here?

to answer my previous question,

this is what happens:
your favorite high school english teacher praises you for your attempt to lift the rest of the world out of what seems to be a sort of "grammar poverty".
yes, grammar poverty.
support the cause. use spell check. and your brain.

i should make t-shirts.

[thanks, mrs. carter, for furthering my love of the english language. you taught me everything i know! and you did it so classily. you're definitely on my list of people i'd like to be when i grow up.]


  1. I'm crying.

    Like, really crying real tears.


    Especially about the "classy" thing. :)

    Although I think I'd like to be you a little bit right now... you are much more hip than I ever could be, and your writing is amazing. Really, it is. You have really developed your own style, Courtney. I feel very proud. :)

    Oh, and I'm now officially "keeping tabs" on you. Sorry about that.

  2. Favorite line
    "use spell check, and your brain."

    Put me on the list for one of the t-shirts c-dizzy.


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