September 19, 2011

today was full of:

--kardashian fantasma. both the bora bora and chris humphries/kim k. proposal episodes. amy and i introduced cuzzy love to reality t.v. ... she's sooo hooked. i knew we were related.
--the blood sucking hotties. season one. [we've been reunited, and it feels so good.]
--four and a half hours of french audio guides, indefinite articles, and "er" verbs. [i'm going to rock that test tomorrow, just in case you were wondering.]

...and ultimately eight inches of blondish locks that fell from my head, courtesy rachel densley.
it was a whimsical decision, and i don't think i've thought of anything less before in my life.

that's right. the hair is gone-zo,
and i am now a bob kind of girl.

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