October 28, 2012

Halloween by polaroid. We dressed up like this for sport, but also because it was halloween, and I guess that's just what you do.

 (Rosie the Riveter, Gypsy Mama, Mother Nature, and Audrey, herself.)

Every Halloween, there's a big dance party on campus.
I'm sure you've heard all about it. The Howl. It's sweaty, gross... and surprisingly fun.
We decided to go this year. 
I was probably one of the only girls with a dress to my knees (or, really a dress at all, for that matter, but no judgement here),
and my mad EFY-trained dancing skills kept all of the weirdies from 
grinding all up on me. Because my moves are anything but suggestive. Or attractive. 
So, that was nice. 

Happy Halloweekend.

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