October 12, 2012

"there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

duck boots :)
jane austen


i came home from school a day earlier than i had originally planned, and i'm so glad that i did.
i've had the entire day to be completely smitten with autumn today,
 and i'm quite sure that it has everything to do with the rain, the way most good things do.

this morning,
i finished up the VP debate on tivo (feeling pretty confident in my party),
made my favorite, banana pancakes,
and am now off to spend the remainder of the day with my mother.

also, my good friend, chelsee, showed me this website.
it's basically like one hundred million free audio books for your ipod.
i'm seriously in love.
i listened to northanger abbey from logan to draper.
it was bliss.
you should check it out.

and life is, well,
life is good.

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