October 29, 2012

Conversations with Dean, Volume I

My neighbor, Dean, is perhaps one of my most favorite people, ever. We are in the same Archaeology class, and often chat on our way home from school. Not only does he have an endearing stutter when he gets to speaking too fast, but he has an innocence about him--one that I find most admirable. And man, is that boy honest. Brutally honest. He often makes comments about my outfits, telling me that I don't match, asking me why I wear such bright colors together... I love it! Anyway, today, we were able to talk for a while after school. I always enjoy conversation with him. It's just too good not to share.

Dean: Would I look good with a goatee?
Me: Dean. No one looks good with a goatee. Would I look good with one?
Dean: Girls don't look good with facial hair, but some have it, anyway.

(Walking out of class)
Dean: Did you smell that?
Me: No, what?
Dean: It smelled incredibly strong with B.O. just now.

(We rode the bus home today, and Dean had to sit next to a stranger, but without him noticing, the stranger got up and off the bus. Someone else sat down, again, Dean not noticing.)
Dean (Screaming extremely loud... Louder than necessary, for all the bus to hear): WOAH!!!
Me (startled, obviously): What!
Dean: The person next to me changed.
Me: What do you mean?
Dean (suspiciously, and pointing): That is not the same person I sat down next to when I got on this bus...

Dean: Do you snowboard?
Me: Not really. I ski, though!
Dean: Oh, well once I was at the top of a mountain with my dad, and I went faster than him. He was skiing. I was snowboarding. He was slow, I was not. I was really proud that day.

(And my personal favorite conversation snippet...)
Dean: Have you ever driven a bus?
Me: No... Have you?
Dean: Yeah.

Three cheers for confidence, honesty, and good company.

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