October 1, 2012

surreal, but nice.

i tried for about three hours to think of something creative to say.
i wrote something, but it's not done.
in fact, it's sitting lonely in my draft bin until i can muster the energy to fix it all up, work out the kinks, you know? i just hate that. 
so, instead of something creative, you're stuck with this...
first, a series of awkward pictures that i took once, and then a bunch of other stuff.
 this is my roommate, cassandra. mostly, i call her samantha. or sam. for no reason at all.
also, those are my favorite pants. they're yellow.

-i can't stop thinking about how i need to get up the canyon. i miss the color change every year. always too busy, or too lazy. not this time. it's happening.
-today, around 2:00, my roommate and i fell asleep on my twin bed, watching a movie. we didn't wake up until 7:30 p.m. ...weirdly, i was comfortable the entire time.
-i keep a large blue quilt pinned up over my bedroom window because it makes my walls glow a certain grey color that only comes on rainy days. and, well, we haven't had one of those in a long, long time. so i fake it.
-all of the boys in my ward wear their white shirts too tight, and gel their hair like pauly-d. i hate socializing with them. a lot. 
-i didn't go to sunday school today. instead, i skipped out to make banana pancakes and eat reese's peanut butter cups.
-i never have homework these days. i hope that changes. can't believe that just came out of my mouth.
-i am now a english major with an emphasis in creative writing. i always think that makes me sound so silly, but i've never felt more myself before, so i'm thinking this is finally it.
-my roommates are constantly drinking green smoothies, and i just think that's gross.
-friday afternoon, i got a letter from a friend in texas addressed to merideth grey. it made me want to marry him.
-this weekend, i went bowling. i asked my roommate to check out my bum, then my cousin's bum, deciding whose was flatter. i won that competition the way i usually do. like a boss.
-i fall asleep to you've got mail almost every single night. 
-i try to avoid people at school. well, just the one, actually... but it hasn't exactly been working. so mostly, i just keep my nose buried in a book and continue across the quad, hoping he won't notice me.
-i need to eat more vegetables. yeah.
-i wish that shania twain would re-popularize.
-one of our roommates broke up with her boyfriend the other day. cassie, mels, and i are more heart broken about it than either party involved. probably because the boy she was dating is our neighbor, and he strongly resembles jacob black. he was usually around on my laundry day, and regularly offered to help. i'm not exactly sure how he thought he could be of service, what with me sorting my delicates and all, but i appreciated the offer. and his sculpted-by-the-gods good looks. too bad, really. 
-turning 21 sounds scary, but i feel comforted in the fact that i'll be able to buy hard alcohol soon.
...just kidding, nance! ;)

that's all.


  1. I like these posts, Courty! Especially to hear about how you're doing. Love your yellow pants. Annnddd I went through that canyon two days ago. GO before the leaves hurry up and scatter. It is seriously so beautiful. Love you!

  2. Haha loved this. Creative Writing, yay! Running into he who shall not be named, boo.

  3. i had a boy ask if he could help me with my laundry too, except it wasn't flattering because he was immensely weird. and i thought the same thing. would you want to fold my underwear? i didn't think so.

  4. surreal, but nice. notting hill. oh how i love you doll.
    -em steele

  5. Love this.
    I had a boy tell me we couldn't do our laundry together because he didn't want to get pregnant. Hilarious.


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