October 27, 2012

I drank abnormal amounts of tea today because it felt good on my throat and I'm not even sick at all. And I played hookie from school, explained what hookie meant to a boy who wants to be my friend, mopped my floor, admired my longer-than-ever-fingernails,

and I really don't like marshmallows or s'mores at all.
One time that same friend of mine told me that I will
probably change my mind about marshmallows someday.
I sort of kind of think he's really wrong. Because I still
don't like Canteloupe, and he still hasn't really changed
his mind about me. But that's okay, because yesterday, I 
told him that I wasn't, like, in love with him or anything,
and I think it was something no one has ever said to him
before. And by the way, I sort of kind of really meant it. 
Because he makes a really good friend. And Heaven knows
that before someone can be both, no one can. It's a mean 
paradox, having your cake, and eating it, too. Which is 
something Heaven also knows: it doesn't work. So 
here's to having cake. Because it's better than not having 

And it sure is better than marshmallows.

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