June 6, 2013


Six years ago, I visited the beaches of Normandy in France with my family. 
One of the most humbling experiences of my life. 

I get so fired up about people who try to explain to me that America is a country of lazy, selfish people. I'm not sure if it's because I was raised to respect my beautiful country, the one that provides me freedoms that I would've never been able to enjoy had my ancestors chosen to stay in Europe, or if it's because I have more faith in Americans than I do of any other nation. Because they're my people. And people are supposed to stick up for their people. I am convinced that our country is in great turmoil because of the people who've lost faith in themselves. I refuse to do that. I have faith that we are the same people who fight for each others' rights. We stand up for ourselves. We are still the people who arrive in airplanes to storm the beaches of Normandy. We fight because we're worth it. We fight for each other. We fight evil and darkness because that's the right thing to do. 

I am proud to be an American on this D-Day. May it stay hallowed and remembered.

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