June 14, 2013

Today, I learned all about being a mom.

Today, I learned all about being a mom. 

Well, you just read that, now, didn't you?

I mean, I know, I know. Everyone knows that Courtney Lynne Kearns can hardly wait to hold her babies in her arms. Only after other necessary predeceasing steps, of course. But anyway. Courtney Lynne Kearns still can't wait to be a mom.

This week, it's been on my mind a lot, for some reason. Motherhood. The struggles, the joys, the sticky jam hands (I love a good sticky jam hand!) and maybe that's because I miss my own mother a million bucks (I sent her a text message last night saying thank you for that one time she grounded me in high school for being too attached to my cell phone. She's a smart little cookie, that Nance.)(My mom's name is Nance.) or, perhaps, it's that I spend a good majority of my time caring for other people's children (too old for sticky jam hands), wanting so badly to offer them all of the good in the world.

Today, our session director said something to the effect of "My wife told me on our second date that all she wanted to do was get married and have babies" and I thought to myself... "I have done that. I have totally done that." And then, after I realized that, I thought, "Okay, you should probably not tell people that right away" and then I thought "Why not? Might as well." And then, the conversation was over.

his point was that we shouldn't be ashamed of that.

And I'm not. Which is why I am expressing it here.

Dear world.
Courtney Lynne Kearns can't wait to be a mom soon.

P.S. this is not an announcement. I am not with child.

At the end of the day, my brother asks his children what their happy experience was for the day. My dad adopted that and brought it into our family. And every week, I bring it to night time discussion with my girls. Anyway, today, I got a text message from Cameron Brock saying that he was home from his mission. It was my happy experience of the day. I am tired of writing letters explaining all of the fun things we're going to do when he gets home. It's time to stop writing about them and start doing them. So excited to see ya, Cam! 
(This picture was taken on our last night all together in Alva C. Snow Hall, Freshman year. We took family pictures, the nine of us. It was all super cheesy and painfully adorable. P.S. Cam's home. Just in case you forgot.)

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  1. I'm so glad you're excited to be a mom. It's the greatest. I think the fact that you're so excited about it means you're going to be awesome at it. You're going to make those kids feel wanted, and that's what a mom is for :)


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