June 1, 2013

The worst part about living with roommates

is not being brave enough to go out into the kitchen without pants to make a grilled cheese sandwich even when I'm home alone, for fear of another person walking through the front door. IT IS A LEGITIMATE (and all too often thought about) WORRY.

I wrote about not wearing pants a long time ago. I feel the same way about it now. This proves that I am consistent. 

Also, I want to cut my hair like this and so I think I might. I'm really obsessed with Rosemary DeWitt right now and I don't know why. She's really sassy and has good bangs.


  1. This is also the worst part about moving back in with your parents after you're married.

  2. This is a big reason to get an education, a grown up job, and live by yourself. It is bliss. Slash I love you with bangs!


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