June 25, 2013

I have a feeling.

Merideth: I have... a feeling.
Cristina: You have a feeling?
Meredith: Yes.
Cristina: Okay. What kind of feeling?
Meredith: Like I might die.
Cristina: Today? Tomorrow? In fifty years? We're all gonna die eventually. Now we're late. Let's go!
Meredith: Cristina. Come on.
Cristina: Okay. This is me being supportive.
Meredith: Really.
Cristina: Yeah. Okay. Fine. I'm totally supportive. Go.
Meredith: Okay. The man I love... has a wife. And then he chooses her... over me. And that wife... takes my dog. Okay, she didn't take the dog... I gave it to her. But I didn't mean to give it to her; I meant to give it to him. But that does not change the fact that she has my McDreamy. And my McDog. She's got my McLife. And what have I got?
Do you know, I can't remember the last time we kissed? 'Cause you never think the last time's going to be the last time - you think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don't.
Plus, my conditioner decided to stop working and I think I have brittle bones. I just - I just need something to happen. I need a sign that things are going to change. I need a reason to go on. I need some hope! And in the absence of hope, I need to stay in bed a feel like I might die today.

I don't feel like I might die today, but I do have a feeling about today. So, there's that.

P.S. my mom used to dress me in frilly socks and saddle shoes. Also, I've always loved dogs.


  1. That picture is amazing!

    I watched that episode a few weeks ago. Definitely one of the best! I love it when Yang sits down to "be supportive" and rests her head on her chin haha so hilarious.

    Plus, the mcdreamy, mcdog and mclife. So great. I hope your feeling passes or at least is a good one. And doesn't end with you putting your hand into a body cavity that has live ammunition.

    1. riiiiight? i mean, if that did happen todoay, i guess it would make for some excitement. but i hope it doesn't...


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