January 26, 2012

in big trouble.

i think that my obsession with rom-coms has ruined me.

i cannot see myself settling for anything less than:

ike graham's cynicism,
gerry kennedy's irish accent,
pete monash's six smile speech,
oliver martin's face,
thomas lefroy's one liners, [particularly the heart and soul bit...]
roger adams in pin stripes and a fedora,
john tyree's uniform,
will hayes' big brown eyes,
everett stone's zip ups,
rhett butler's voice to melt my butter,
justin matisse's perseverance,
ben barry's abs,
tom leezak's dumb jokes,
spencer aimes' smoothe moves,
william thatcher's chivalry,
william thacker's innocence,
declan o'callaghan's sarcasm,
john grogan's sweetheartedness,
gil pender's old soul,
michael o'neal's tempestuous temper,
andrew paxton's love of the written word,
pastor dan's patience,
joe bradley's hair,
joe fox's wit,
sam baldwin's sensitivity,
dex thaler's smile,
jackson latcherie's charm,
jacob jankowski's moves on the dance floor,
john mason's laugh,
and jack callaghan's silent judgement.

i don't think i'm aiming too high, here. i just know what i want, right?

1 comment:

  1. Loved this!

    I would add...Mr. Darcy's unequivocal loyalty.
    Austen is the pioneer of rom-com screenwriting, IMHO.


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