January 19, 2012

thursday, thursday, THURSDAY!

don't pretend like you didn't know this was coming, guys...

bloody thursday=success.
...understatement of the year.

let's start with the BSHs, shall we? 
i think only one thing needs to be said: 
stefan salvator still has a soul.
praises be to the gods of the underworld.

now to move on to bigger and better things. like....

...how i am going to kidnap this child.
he won me over tonight. most adorable tumor patient ever.
and by the way... bawled. through the entire episode. 
including funny valentine-richard/adele/kepner-being-completely-useless scene.
if you haven't watched yet, i suggest that you do.
because grey's was OFF. THE FRIGGIN. HOOOOK TONIGHT!
best episode since season 5... "o'malley got hit by a bus! izzy's got cancer, and o'malley got hit by a bus!" 
and don't even get me started on zola. she's got me wrapped around her finger. twice.

hope your bloody thursday viewings were even more wonderful than mine.
...that sounds weird...

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