January 29, 2012

small talk.

i eat berry berry kicks before bed. a lot.
and i think the boy next door looks good with the wide rims, as well as without them.
i think he's great whether his small talk is questionable, or whether he spells his own name wrong sometimes. and then blushes.
i just kind of think he's like a well dressed, pop culture loving, nerts cheating, brown eyed christmas elf.
precisely my type. 
oh, yes. mad love for the boy with the bow-tie.

and also, i adore miss havisham.
because her story is tragic, mysterious, and melodramatic.
and it's all in the name of love.
which i'm all about.


  1. Can't wait to hear about this boy...

  2. wide rims and bow ties...? sounds like tiesandfries and sounds perfect for you. p/s i love berry berry kicks:)

  3. Don't forget that this same young lad loves Celine....

  4. I love Ms. Havisham! She's crazy, but I still love her.

  5. Court, tell me about this boy of yours, he sounds dreamy :)


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