January 12, 2012


obviously i'm too cool for school by the fourth day. 
either that, or i thought my class was at 9:30, when it was really just at 9.
you decide. i've chosen to plead the former. 
but for the record... 
understanding literature at 9... also a trip. 

i've decided to celebrate my mistake with red lips, jamba, and einsteins before i have to go rot in biology, round 2.
do NOT tell my mother.

oh, and my town is better than yours. second rescue in six months. i love little logan. 
[p.s. the good looking gentleman in the long sleeved dark blue? he's in my ward. i know a hero. it's whatev.]


  1. That a girl. jamba+einstein is the best... especially when you take that and your journal up in the canyon and eat it by the river. Very therapeutic.

  2. oh that's weird. he's in my ward too.


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