January 24, 2012

human again.

"i'm sitting pretty and i don't know why. 
i found somebody, said he'd make me fly. 
wrapped me up in ribbons, then he left me to die. 
wrapped me up in ribbons, then he left me to die."

"i know a man who was afraid to love.
to lay his heart on the bathroom rug."

"we hate the rain when it fills up our shoes, 
but how we love when it washes our cars.
and we love to love when it fills up the room, 
but when it leaves, oh, we're cursing the stars."

the hours of sleep that i've already lost from breathing all of this in are not a big deal, and i couldn't care less that 9:00 will come in seven hours.
this album is the best thing to have happened to me since 2009, and that, alone, is big news.

she's a genius. and an angel, as it were.

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  1. Here is my lovely, I love Ingy like addicts love their fixes! I lovingly miss my baby sister and need her in my life! When are you coming down here next? Please come to OK with me President's Day Weekend?


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