January 24, 2012

gilmore sisters.

"honestly, lorelai. it's not your looks that keep them away. think about that."
--emily gilmore.

sisters always give the best advice... especially when given through the voice of beloved fictional television characters.

gilmore... the voice of reason inside of my head. e'rryday.


  1. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Seriously love.

  2. i'm honestly and truly rewatching the entire series right now. about to start season 4-- one of the best shows of all time.

  3. The Gilmore Girls could talk Ashley Suzanne into an intimate whale watching excursion! They are that amazing! Loved the chat tonight! Can't wait for Okie Dokie! Oh and p.s. totes watching Burlesque right now! I done and Tivo'd it girl. "I am a good girl" always makes me think of you! Loves!

  4. Oh, Loralai.
    I want to be her.


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