January 16, 2012

suck it, trebek.

 today was probably the greatest.
but i'm getting ahead of myself...
it is my emily's twentieth birthday today!
we were stitched together four years ago by the thread of two teenage heartbreaks and a.p. u.s. history [which, by the way, mercilessly kicked my trash].
and while i'd rather eat french fries, and she'd rather take the stairs,
we are still somehow able to be best friends.
she's the athletic one, and i watch old movies and obsess over architecture.
match made in heaven, i tell ya.
 happy birthday, sweet emiline! 

i made two killer batches of my mother's famous biscuits and gravy, and thanks to my brilliant sister-in-law who posted the recipe with step by step instructions [and fool proof pictures!], i actually pulled it off.
which worked out nicely.
because as it turns out, neighbor boys particularly like biscuits and gravy.
and i particularly like neighbor boy. [s]. but really, just the one. and someday, we're going to hold hands. or something.
and seven thousand decks of cards later, we finished off our breakfast eating festivities with about seven thousand games of nerts.
i'd like to give a kiss on the cheek to whoever is responsible for national holidays.
i play card games now....


  1. yayy for biscuits and gravy and nertz! Glad yours turned out. I made it last week and it was delish. We played many a nertz game when we lived there... memories...


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